Care Team Coodination

Casetabs integrates with your PM/EMR system and allows you to share schedules and collaborate with your staff and physicians like never before.

Anywhere schedule access (web & mobile app)

Unique care teams for each case

Real-time notifications (text, email, push)

Configurable case tagging system

PM/EMR integration

Unlimited users


Integrated schedule access from anywhere

Access your case schedule anytime, anywhere. Whether it's through our HIPAA-compliant web or mobile apps, Casetabs makes sure you have the right case information so you can stay ahead of your own schedule and plan for what's to come.


Centralized care team communication

Casetabs brings care teams together, wherever they are. From schedule changes to staff assignments, Casetabs manages all the moving parts of surgical care coordination seamlessly, all in one central hub, so you can focus on providing the best patient care possible.


Real-time notifications

Coordinate cases with confidence and ease. Real-time notifications through text, email and our mobile app about new cases, schedule changes and more, ensure everyone shows up at the right place, at the right time, with the right tools.