Practice Scheduling

Increase OR utilization by maximizing visibility and reach of your open OR times, making it easy for referring practices to send more cases.

Online case booking for physician practices

Procedure templates expedite the scheduling process

Patient demographic lookup reduces double entry

Center-defined required fields & documents

Set block times & advanced release rules

Automate sharing of OR availability


Real-time schedule visibility for practices and physicians

Casetabs provides smarter scheduling between your center and its physician offices. Give offices controlled visibility into their block times and room availability so that they can book cases faster and your center captures more volume.


Simplified case booking

Casetabs makes scheduling cases simple. No more lost faxes, emails, and phone calls. With our user-friendly and EMR-integrated booking system, it's now easier more than ever for physician practices to book cases at your center. From orders to reschedule requests, manage all the pieces of scheduling in one centralized place.


Automate sharing of open OR times

We're in the business of helping your business. Our smart scheduling platform sends automated emails about upcoming OR times to offices for add-on cases. Customize your room selection and email schedule, and target specific practices, to help drive more case volume while saving your staff time.


Manage block times and set release rules

Optimize your block time and OR utilization with our advanced block time management system. Leverage advanced tools like our auto-release block feature as well as office ability to release blocks to help your facility capture more cases.