With better data, you can improve efficiency, identify leakage, and increase profitability across your center.

On-demand KPI charts

Analyze OR utilization, cancellations, clinical flow, and more

Drill down by date range, physician(s), and more


Real-time KPI charts

Keep a pulse on the performance of your center with our real-time dashboard. View trends on patient flow, case volume, cancellations and live case delays.


Analyze OR utilization, cancellations, block times, and more

Gain insights into case volume, cancellations, OR and block utilization and more to improve efficiency, identify leakage, and increase profitability.


Drill down for trends by date range, physician, and more

Dig deeper into your data with drill down reporting. Uncover bottlenecks and inefficiencies in patient throughput, physician performance times, and more to help you achieve operational excellence.


Export data to Excel

Export data to Excel for easy merging with other reports for your business needs.