Ride Texting

From "In Pre-Op" to "In-Post-Op", your patients' loved ones stay informed with automated text alerts.

Automated case status updates for the patient's ride

Create unique messages for each status (ex: In Post-op)

Unlimited messages


Keep loved ones informed outside of the waiting room

Keep family and friends in the loop on the patient's case status with automated text alerts. Our text messages are linked to specific case statuses, so from "In Pre-Op" to "In-Post-Op", your patients' loved ones stay informed and at ease.


Customized messages for any status.

Each facility's a little bit different. That's why we built Casetabs to be flexible for all. Customize messages for any of your case statuses to accommodate specific protocols and communications.


Automated delivery.

Casetabs simplifies all the moving parts of care coordination. Our smart system automates texts to rides based on case statuses, so that you can spend less time calling patients and more time caring for them.